One of our most frequently asked questions concerning GDPR law is “What are the privacy rights of EU citizens?”

Under GDPR law, EU residents have new legal rights over and above the previous rights provided by the Data Protection Act. In this brief video we reveal exactly what these rights are – and the importance of achieving compliance, in order to avoid punitive fines and reputational damage.

The Data Privacy rights of EU citizens

The General Data Protection Regulation brought in a raft of new legal rights for individuals residing in the EU. These data privacy rights of EU citizens include the right to:

  • access their personal data
  • know what data you hold
  • know what you do with their data
  • correct their data if it is wrong
  • object to certain automated processing of their data
  • obtain a copy of the data you hold on them, in a portable format
  • have all of their data erased – including backup copies

Under GDPR law it is easy for individuals to exercise these rights, and you only have 30 days to comply. Failure to comply within the 30 day period will most likely result in a financial penalty.

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