helping businesses to achieve GDPR compliance

Are you still struggling to implement effective Data Protection processes?

The GDPR became law for all EU states on 25th May, 2018. During a two year transition period, which has now passed, businesses were expected to prepare their plans for compliance with the GDPR.

However, many firms have either failed to implement an effective GDPR strategy, or continue to believe that GDPR does not apply to them.

GDPR provides EU residents with greater control over how their personal data is used and stored. It creates uniformity of rules and enables stronger enforcement. Failure to comply can lead to punitive fines and reputational damage. The GDPR Guys have helped hundreds of businesses around the world to achieve compliance. See our articles and news, plus helpful Q&A videos.

Since launching our first GDPR awareness video (below), The GDPR Guys have helped more than 450 businesses around the world to achieve GDPR compliance: